17 Designers That Made Sure Their Work Would Be Unique

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There is an inspirational quote that says, “Design is intelligence made visible.” And that is exactly the case with so many designs out there, whether they’re architectural or otherwise. And maybe people are so used to seeing bad designs that the moment they see something good and incredibly useful, they are in awe. This is why we decided to share 17 designs that will make you wish you had them.

1. Book benches are quite popular.

2. A surprised building

3. “Beautiful? No. Effective? VERY.”

4. “Someone got the pumpkins right.”

5. “Lights to get your server’s attention”

6. Ever seen a broccoli fish before?

7. “Faces everywhere”

8. “Hand-crocheted 3D blankie”

9. “The benches at a station in Toronto”

10. “Carving the entire alphabet in pencil lead”

11. “The little chef cap is perfect.”

12. A wrench bench

13. “The handle of a bag used as a stethoscope”

14. “The desk in my hotel room has a bottle opener on the side.”

15. “It’s just Scrat.”

16. “This eyewear store bag handle makes the frames.”

17. “This glass egg lamp that was given to me”

If you ever were to stumble upon such a unique creation, would you take a photo of it to share with your friends or just look at it for a bit and then leave?


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