17 Fashionistas Who Prove Style Doesn’t Have an Age Limit

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We all change over the years, but we always hope to appear young and attractive. Some hit the jackpot with their genes and look eternally young, while others lead a healthy lifestyle. But there are some people who are not afraid of sharp changes — they may get a piercing at 52 or dye their hair blue at 49.

We at Bright Side want to show you some brave people who don’t let age stereotypes win.

“Turning 40 soon, recently started using makeup. Shocked at the difference.”

“I’m turning 49 in a little more than a week! I guess I haven’t grown out of the ’phase’ yet.”

“Can you believe I’m 51? I’ll chalk it up to healthy living.”

“I drink tons of alkaline water, eat healthy, fast, and work out. Surfing, hiking, jujitsu, and good genes!”

“We all are 51.”

“I turned 40 earlier this week. Scared but excited for the next 40!”

“I did it even though ’they’ say after 50 it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight.”

“Got my ear pierced at 40, and now at 52 I got my nose done too.”

“I often get unwanted attention, but the compliments far outweigh it.”

“Where are my witches?”

“I got my own dream hair since I embraced my natural color and curls.”

“Lost 75 lb and maintained for 2.5 years.”

“My fashionable grandma”

“My daughter got me to try on her sunglasses.”

“My beautiful 63-year-old mom kept complaining that she hated every picture taken of her, so I did her makeup and we did a quick photo shoot.”

“My grandma bought white boots and she looks so sick.”

“My 63-year-old dad’s workout fit”

“As I head into my sixty-seventh year, I just want to show you what aging looks like.”

“I believe less is more with makeup, but I won’t stop wearing it!”

Do you think people should start wearing neutral colors and calm makeup as they grow older? Or do you agree with the characters of our compilation who are not afraid to try new things?

Preview photo credit livin_la_vida_mama / Reddit


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