17 Girls That Prove True Nail Masterpieces Aren’t Created in Salons

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In recent years, people have realized that nail art offers unlimited creative opportunities. And professional artists are more than successful at it. But the people from this article decided to do their own manicures themselves.

We at Bright Side have picked up a few good ideas and we think they’re worth trying.

“I painted my mom’s nails today.”

Pieces of the sky

“Finally took the courage to do something for me. Finally got a job and saved money for a nail tech course I’ve been wanting for over a year.”

“These are officially my seventh set without my instructor’s help. Not technically perfect at all, but I’m really happy with the result.”

“Did my nails by myself.”

“Going to Hawaii this weekend and had to bust out my most tropical mani I could think of!”

“Did these nails for a wedding I attended and they matched my dress perfectly.”

“These are probably my favorite I’ve ever done.”

“First time using a stamping plate. I can feel a new obsession forming.”

“My wife has just finished her nails. I think she has talent.”

“Jelly abstracts I did yesterday”

“My third at-home set, plus my sweet Sicily”

“New nails, hand-painted by me!”

“Did my own nails.”

Stars and snakes

“Fun with nail stickers”

“My at-home set for Thanksgiving”

“I have an upcoming Christmas party, but I have no extra money to get myself a nice set, so I got a little creative!”

“It’s my first time doing nail art, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!”

Have you ever done your own nail art? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Shadybetz101 / Reddit


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