17 Men Who Have a Special Bond With Their Pets

3 years ago

Because of stereotypes, it might be difficult for us to imagine men who get touched when they see a cat or men who show special affection for animals. But more often than not, caring dads are hiding behind a mask of brutality, and they are ready to do anything for the sake of their pets. And, in return, they receive more affection and warmth than they give.

We at Bright Side got our daily dose of cuteness watching the tender relationships between men and their animals, and that’s why we are sharing these photo stories with you. And at the end of the article, you will find a bonus that’ll prove it’s not just cats and dogs that men treat in a special way.

“My cat is drowning in rays of adoration for my boyfriend.”

“She fell in love with a shelter employee so much that she always cried for his attention. And he finally took her home!”

“My dad has been away for months. Now that he’s back, our dog refuses to leave the car.”

“My cat is so shy she never lets anyone outside our household pet her. Today, she finally let my boyfriend pet her, and she climbed onto his lap. As you can tell, he was really excited.”

Sound asleep together

“My boyfriend and his best girl make it super-obvious that I’m the side chick.”

After all, there is no better place than on the cap of your owner.

“My husband and his first wife”

Just a man and his lover of hugs with the same muzzle

“I walked into the kitchen and saw my husband cooking dinner like this.”

“My husband is reading with our fluffy kids.”

“My husband bought our cat an umbrella because he didn’t want her to be exposed to too much light when she sleeps in the sun.”

“My husband bought a new gaming chair, and we didn’t know what to do with the old one. We just left it like this until we figured it out.”

“Now, it’s our cat’s favorite place because he gets a comfy spot to sleep right next to his dad (who pets him between games).”

“My husband never had a dog. I think he likes his new friend.”

“We don’t have children, for now, and my husband takes care of our cats like they’re babies.”

“This is what our cat looks like when she looks at my husband.”

“He carried our dog for 2 miles after she stepped on a bee.”

Bonus: There are people who attract all kinds of animals.

Do you have a particularly warm relationship with your pets? If you have photos that can prove it, show them to us!

Preview photo credit mac_is_crack / Reddit


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pets and their owners. The most amazing bond!!I travel a lot otherwise I would definitely get a cat :)


I wish my cats would cuddle with me like this.. ah who am I kidding, when they actually cuddle with me I get annoyed at the hairs they lose xD


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