17 People Who Amazed Us With Their Discoveries

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In our busy and fast-paced lives, it’s easy to overlook the small things and take the beauty and wonder surrounding us for granted. However, by focusing on the small details, we can discover interesting and unique experiences that we would have otherwise missed. We just need to take a closer look, and once we do, a different world opens up in front of our eyes.

1. “My dog and I have the same size foot.”

2. “Someone placed a webcam sticker on this urinal’s flush valve at a music venue bathroom.”

3. “This cell tower is disguised as a palm tree in Egypt.”

4. “My friend’s cat looks like Adam Driver.”

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5. “A jacket was hung on this door so long, it created an imprint as the sunlight faded the color around it.”

6. The Osiria rose is both red and white.

7. “Got a perfect yin and yang from pouring sugar in my coffee.”

8. “The overhead lights of this Burger King are in the shape of a burger.”

9. “My puppy has 2 different colored eyes, blue and brown. When I take a picture with the flash, they glow in 2 different colors.”

10. “This randomly illuminated patch of street”

11. “The neighbor’s lawn transitioning for winter”

12. “My milk has some funny words of inspiration under the ’best by’ date.”

13. “A CRT monitor with a full Pac-Man maze burned in”

14. “Found this mushroom at a grocery store.”

15. “My family friends grow very wrinkly clementines.”

16. “I was at the beach and found a shell with barnacles on it that make it look like an anatomically correct heart.”

17. “A school of jellyfish congregated under this boat.”

Which one of the discoveries above seemed the most amazing to you? Have you ever discovered such odd things? If you have, feel free to share your discoveries with us in the comment section.


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Picture 10: I was moments away from expecting Mr. Bean falling on flat


The Osiria rose is absolutely stunning! I'd love to have a whole bush of them.


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