17 People Who Finished the Repair but Missed One Important Detail

4 years ago

It’s actually not that difficult to renovate a home by yourself. At least, this thought is widely broadcast by the various TV shows about repairing homes. However, those who’ve dared to take this step are well aware that things are totally different in reality and even the tiniest detail might be fatal when it comes to your perfect repair.

Bright Side found 17 renovation “masterpieces” on the internet. The people who did these, didn’t realize what they had done until it was too late.

1. Built-in home appliances, but wait...

2. Evacuation exit with an obstacle

3. Extremely controversial solution for the bathroom

4. When you placed the alarm button next to the light switch and realized the mistake too late:

5. A sink that causes certain... associations

6. The most secret of all secret rooms you’ve ever seen

7. When you wanted it to look modern:

8. The longer you look at this shower, the more it seems that something is wrong with it.

9. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: modern day

10. “My girlfriend’s view from the bed of our hotel room...”

11. Installing the hand dryer over the radiator was not the best idea.

12. Like in a bad computer game

13. “They built this school like a month ago.”

14. What were they thinking?

15. It’s not a mirror, it’s a doorway.

16. Refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen? Why not?

17. The sink you actually can’t use

Have you ever renovated your home by yourself? What mistakes did you make?

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Yeah number 5 is a big no-no.. I wouldn't wanna use it even if I knew what it was..


Actually 8 seems like something cool if it's not an illusion, I would like to just sit in my shower ?


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