17 People Who Have Their Own Unique Logic

4 years ago

Using logic is the very process of thinking through a sequence of statements or events while trying to solve a problem. While sometimes logical thinking seems like a no brainer, the logical thinkers in this article truly march to the beat of a different drummer.

Bright Side has collected a list of people that don't seem to follow the laws of logic. While their thinking can prove to be a bit disturbing, we can't help but see the humor in it. Be sure to read until the end to see how even designers can have their own sense of logic.

17. An unexpected question with a pinch of logic.

16. "Why won't my power strip turn on? I have everything plugged in."

15. It's so cool when everything is one place, isn't it?

14. He had two ways of solving the issue but he is not one to seek the easy way out.

13. A so-so piece of advice.

12. At least it looks stylish.

11. "The elevator is under repair. The deadline for completion? When the repair is finished, of course."

10. It turned out they were taking the old sanitary engineering out.

9. What if?

8. "I've gone out. Will be back when I return."

7. "Having looked at it more carefully, I realized I am a dumbo."

6. It's about the animals' safety.

"Beware. Don't sit, don't climb and don't lean on the fence. If you fall down, the animals will eat you up after which they can get ill. Thank you."

5. When you want to hang the TV set on a wall, you can simply saw off the holder.

4. Keeping things protected.

3. We're curious to know what the logic behind this engineering solution was.

2. Guarding the order.

1. "Dear customers!!! Due to the closure of the store, the store isn't open."

Bonus: when a designer has his own logic.

Have you ever wondered what on earth the logic was behind certain decisions? Please share them in the comments!

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