17 People Who Refuse to Do Their Job Right

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Mistakes happen everywhere, as people aren’t perfect and can often get confused or make a bad call. But some mistakes are very hard to justify since it looks like they were thought out very carefully. That’s when we tend to wonder how someone could have been so inconsiderate of the consequences.

Mistakes happen all the time around us, and Bright Side collected 17 new ones that will make you wonder why and how they were possible.

1. “Ordered a bacon cheeseburger without tomato. Got only tomato.”

2. “Bought a chocolate milk but they forgot to add chocolate, I guess?”

3. “Uhh...anything is a pizza cutter if you’re brave enough.”

4. “I always follow the rules.”

5. Consider this light bulb changed.

6. The more balconies, the better.

7. Looks safe, right?

8. “We call this one, ’The Landlord Supremo.’”

9. The perfect garage

10. It doesn’t look like these cables will be functional for too long...

11. Do your eyes hurt too?

12. The handrail will work, but we’re not sure about the door.

13. These gutters look perfectly functional.

14. “To have a ramp for people with wheelchairs”

15. “We put in your new cabinetry.”

16. “To install a lamp post.”

17. “A bike path where you can be one with nature.”

Why do you think these things keep happening? Do you believe they are genuine mistakes or do people just not care about being efficient at their jobs?


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