18 People Who Were Lucky to Capture Priceless Memories

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Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with happiness and joy, we need to shout about the things happening to us from the rooftops. We can relive the moments we cherish and create strong bonds with those around us while sharing stories, photos, and other keepsakes. These 17 photos prove it’s best to keep your camera ready to capture the most precious moments you’d like to share with everyone.

1. “Fist-bumping our 4-week early preemie grandson, 11 days old”

2. “Proton celebrated her sweet 16 today!”

3. “Our friend, mid-chicken wing, realized I was proposing to my girlfriend last night.”

4. “My little girl asks my favorite colors, and she comes back later with this. I’m never taking it off.”

5. “I beat a bunch of kids in a chalk art contest.”

6. “It’s my birthday today, and here’s my present.”

7. “The flower girl at my wedding”

8. “Got my 8-gallon pin today from the American Red Cross today. 8 gallons of blood were donated over the last 20 years.”

9. “One of my regulars handed me this and told me I deserve better after she found out I was going through a rough breakup after getting cheated on.”

10. “Returned home from a work trip and my wife got me a welcome back gift!!!”

11. “My mom got married to my now stepdad. He got the results of his PET scan and the stage IV aggressive cancer is gone. What a wedding present!”

12. “My son’s first morning”

13. “Not to brag, but I made my fiancé cry on our vacation.”

14. “I’m currently in the early stages of labor and I think they all know it...”

15. “Today I got my first magazine interview as a professional artist.”

16. “I made a tart to celebrate my parents’ fiftieth anniversary.”

17. “After 5 miscarriages and endless heartache, my wife and I finally had our rainbow baby.”

18. “My ’Absolutely no animals in the house’ Dad vs both of them 15 years later”

Preview photo credit couriersith / Reddit


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