17 People Who Weren’t Afraid to Shave Their Heads and Look Even Better Now

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The decision to shave your head is not an easy one to make. The uncertainty of knowing how you will look without hair can generate many doubts and reflections before undertaking such a courageous initiative. Fortunately, many users have expressed their happiness after having dared to go through this challenge.

Bright Side wants to share some testimonials from users who were very happy after taking the plunge and shaving their heads.

1. “Went from fat with a receding hairline to fit and bald. Confidence spiked significantly afterward.”

2. “I decided to let it all go. Why did I wait so long?!”

3. “My wife and I did photos together for the first time in 5 years (back then, I had hair).”

“I’ve never felt more confident than I do right now! It gets better!”

4. “Needed a haircut, so I shaved it. I look far better bald than I ever expected.”

5. “What more can I say? Left is 1 year ago, right is today.”

6. “I’ve been balding since I was 15, first time trying to shave my head to 0 guard.”

“Still feel weird after 2 weeks and keep looking at myself in every mirror trying to learn to recognize myself. But it is what it is!”

7. “25 years old and decided to embrace the inevitable.”

8. “Hi all, I started going thin around 22, so I thought, I’m gonna own this bald thing. 25 years later and still at it!”

9. “First razor shave

10. “It’ll take a lot of getting used to, but I’m glad I did it.”

11. “Some before and after pics! Really loving the new me!”

12. “23 and took the plunge today. Very happy with it!”

13. “The best decision I made in my entire life is shaving my head. How do I look?”

14. “19 and bald, baby! My first time shaving my head bald, and I’m happy with the results.”

“It was a messy process, but I got a close enough shave.”

15. “25, struggling with hair loss for years, and finally mustered up the courage to get a buzz cut. What do y’all think?”

16. “Decided to shave it at 24! Does it suit me more than the combover?”

17. “Finally did it.”

Have you ever shaved your head? What led you to make that decision?

Preview photo credit JoggingG** / Reddit


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