17 People Whose Body Full of Wonderful Treasures

4 months ago

Our bodies shed 30,000 dead skin cells every hour, and our skin is entirely renewed every month. This implies that we wear 1,000 different new skins throughout our lives, making us exceptional unique as individuals. However, some individuals are even more unique, such as those with fewer than five fingers or curly hair that resembles a corkscrew.

1. “I think the titanium plate they used in my neck discectomy looks a little like a soda pull tab top.”

2. “Every once in a while, someone points awkwardly at my face to inform me there are flowers in my eyes...”

3. “My hair is so curly, the ends look like a tube.”

4. “The way my fiancé’s toes line up”

5. “This one super long eyelash on my eye”

6. “Two of my toes are half-webbed on each foot.”

7. “I can fold my toes down and stand on my knuckles.”

8. “My knees kind of resemble baby faces in utero.”

9. “My vitiligo has turned half of my upper eyelashes white.”

10. “I have a vascular issue that makes my arms turn purple and orange when cold.”

11. “My girlfriend has a birthmark on her arm that looks like a landmass, so I drew on it with a marker.”

12. “3 fingers on each hand — I also game competitively!”

13. “I can actually touch my elbows behind my back...”

14. “My eye color changed between 2008 and 2021 — until my twenties, my eyes were completely brown.”

15. “My buddy’s neck looks like he has a demon inside trying to escape.”

16. “My pinky finger has an extra bone in it. The little nub even has its own fingerprint.”

17. “I broke my toe recently... and found out I have a weird extension of bone abnormally connecting my last two toes.”

Those mentioned above are still a few of the many uniqueness of the human body. You’ll be surprised by how many amazing things our body can do, from the make sense to the weirdest ones.

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