17 Photos That Can Make You Feel Like You’re Living Inside an Inception

year ago

In most optical and photographic illusions, what we see in front of our eyes disagrees with the laws of physics and reality. But a second and maybe third look shows us the actual truth instead of the illusion. And we can be so surprised that we fall into a trap, seeing something that was never there in the first place. The reason behind this may be the fact that humans like being caught off guard, since they might learn something new.

Bright Side prepared 17 brand-new pictures that show how sometimes we are just one click away from having a highly confusing picture.

1. “A flying kayak”

2. “The flying cat-mobile”

3. “Catception”

4. “Horse head centaur”

5. “Feeding Glenn a duck heart”

6. “A soccer player scoring a goal”

7. “Pretzel dog is a pretzel.”

8. “Big Foot napping on the shoreline”

9. “My giant butt”

10. “The clouds look like the ocean.”

11. “That’s a beard”

12. “Accidental cosplay”

13. “A long gigantic arm”

14. “A square cat”

15. “Tiny extinguisher or huge books?”

16. Sitting while levitating

17. This is not her nose.

Have you ever accidentally or purposely taken a picture that confused the eyes of everyone who looked at it?


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