17 Photos That Prove Celebrities Are No Different From Ordinary People

3 years ago

We’re used to seeing celebrities look almost perfect. They wear designer outfits and gorgeous makeup that perfectly accentuates their features on the red carpet and in their photos in magazines. But in real life, many celebrities look like ordinary people.

Bright Side went through dozens of celebrity Instagram accounts and decided to show you the photos of famous people who aren’t ashamed of the way they look at home.

1. Milla Jovovich looks like the next-door neighbor in her dressing gown.

2. Jennifer Aniston also loves spending time in the kitchen.

3. Emma Watson doesn’t pay attention to the mess in her room and is happy to see her new friend.

4. Selena Gomez cooks dinner in her sweats.

5. Sam Smith makes funny faces.

6. Lily-Rose Depp prefers mac and cheese to sophisticated dishes.

7. Ellen DeGeneres puts together a puzzle.

8. Bryce Dallas Howard celebrates Easter.

9. Amy Schumer gives a haircut to her husband.

10. Amanda Seyfried loves to knit.

11. Natalie Portman is a big fan of books.

12. Katy Perry loves pickles.

13. Zoe Saldana is not afraid to be herself.

14. Drew Barrymore loves board games.

15. Jessica Alba is her own beautician.

16. The Rock is happy that his auntie came to visit.

17. Chrissy Teigen shares not only her successes, but her failures too.

Does your favorite celebrity often post similar photos? Would you like to share these pictures with us?

Preview photo credit millajovovich / instagram


Jennifer Garner is missing her! I mean, the woman is so good at baking! I love her
Sam Smith is such a natural man. He's his true self and I love that!

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