17 Photos That Show Such a Huge Difference That You’ll Second-Guess Reality

7 months ago

As the saying goes, clarity often emerges through comparison. The disparities between certain things can be so staggering that it leaves one exclaiming, “Wow!” Numerous individuals have shared their experiences highlighting such remarkable cases.

“I applied flaxseed gel on my hair”

A monster lemon compared to a regular lemon.

Expectation and result

“My brother’s girlfriend ordered a Cake like this, the only difference she wanted was for it to say 18 instead of happy birthday. It looks horrible but at least it tasted pretty good.”

“My grandma and I have extra lines on our pinkies”

“My newborn held hands with her great-grandmother (91) and they both fell asleep”

“18-year-old wallet next to brand new one”

“One of the eggs I bought this morning is randomly purple”

“I realized how much doing makeup in the right colors matter”

“A chunk of my red hair from when I was 16 compared to my faded with time hair now that I’m 27”

“3.5-year-old wire brush used every day compared to a brand new one”

“This big Toblerone compared to a small one I bought.”

“I just want to take a moment to appreciate how much curlier/healthier my roots are compared to the damaged highlighted ends!”

“My car compared to my coworker’s car. My truck is the height of his windows”

“The contrast in color of my jeans now, compared to when I bought them”

“This giant leaf I found compared to a normal one from the same tree”

“I’ll never be a beauty guru but here’s my first post compared to today.”

“Bought a ’designer’ cat for $1,500 and here is what I got”

Absolutely, the contrast between expectation and reality can lead to genuine disappointment. This is notably evident in scenarios like ordering a new piece of clothing online, only to receive something far from the envisioned beauty—a situation that many people can relate to.

Preview photo credit makeupandjustice / Reddit


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