17 Pics That Prove People With a Sense of Humor Can Make Any Day Memorable

2 years ago

Some people were born to be happy, according to scientists who discovered that certain genes are associated with well-being. But a life of bliss is not entirely dependent on genetics. The study also said that our environment plays a key factor in our feelings. Luckily, there are individuals who were gifted with a great sense of humor, and they used this to help us unlock a new level of joy too.

Bright Side found 17 photos from people who gave their friends and loved ones the giggles, and we’re totally here to share the good vibes.

1. “Found this on the clearance rack. Ready to grow my extra set of arms this winter.”

2. “This is an actual interview going on at the office. We take Halloween very seriously.”

3. “My new neighbor just arrived with his U-Haul. Can’t say I’m excited...”

4. “Today is my last day of work at this job, so I brought in a cake for everyone.”

5. When hotel staff go the extra mile to make clients smile:

6. “I asked my sister for a hedgehog cake for my birthday...”

7. “My teacher’s wallpaper”

8. They picked the perfect icon for this salt spreading machine.

9. “Working on a calendar of me enjoying all the seasons.”

10. “I turned a picture of my Labrador pooping into a puzzle, and gave it to my dad as a gift.”

“He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me.”

11. “The things my wife does...”

12. “My mate and I have been hiding this statue in each other’s houses for over 15 years.”

“I don’t remember how it started, but this is his latest hiding spot.”

13. “My wife sent me out to get winter storm supplies. Returned with this. I feel safer already.”

14. “My son is getting a Nintendo Switch for his 7th birthday. But first, this.”

15. “My wife threatened to throw my old/spare car parts away, so I sent her this picture.”

16. “My dad’s sisters went on a trip and didn’t invite him. So he photoshopped himself into a picture of them from the trip, and gave it to them as a gift.”

17. “My parasailing guides had a great sense of humor.”

When was the last time you laughed your heart out? Who is the person that sparks the most joy within you?

Preview photo credit UTS15 / Reddit


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