17 Pics That Show Us Some Things Stay the Same, Despite the Passing of Time

2 years ago

A memory was created the first time we took a photo, and recreating that moment is like reliving the same day. Every photograph is full of wonder and shows how we have grown and changed over the years. Looking at them makes us feel nostalgic, and we reminisce about those times when we brightened the world with our smiles.

At Bright Side, we gathered photos from people who proved that memories can be brought up at any time.

1. “Holding my cousin on the same rooftop, 21 years apart”

2. “Our birthdays are within 10 days of each other and these pictures are 14 years apart. We’re 30-year-olds now.”

3. “Grandpa and 4 of his grandsons, 10 years between the pics”

4. “4 siblings, 13 years apart”

5. “Christmas Day, before and now”

6. “About 13 years between these photos”

7. “My twin boys, age 6 and 18 vs now”

8. “Best friends in 2000 vs in 2017”

9. “The first photo was taken in 2010 while I was at school, and now, in 2019.”

10. “Happy Halloween in 1987 and in 2020”

11. “Christmas in 2007 and in 2015”

12. “My Brother and me, 15 years apart”

13. “Pop and me: first day of reception to last day of year 12”

14. “The 6-year-old me would be just as excited for the new Sonic movie as I was when it came out.”

15. “Sister and me plus the park, 20 years apart!”

16. “My friend Jeff and me, before and now”

17. “My granddad and his wheels, 1950 and 2020”

Which of these photos is your favorite? Do you have a photo that you miss and want to recreate? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Uerwol / Reddit


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