19 Times Animas Showed How They Really Felt About a Situation

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If you decide that your cat is on a diet, it doesn’t mean it totally agrees with you. Maybe your pet already has a plan for revenge, and your breakfast will be destroyed next time. Animals may not be able to talk, but still, they can act.

1. “My friend’s cat, who hates people, waiting for us to leave”

2. “He stole his little brother’s bed and gave me some serious side eye when I told him to move.”

3. “Just playing video games with Dad...”

4. “This cat is a fairy-tale princess, and you can’t tell me otherwise. Please see to her needs.”

5. “Lemon always tries to jump on top of Honey and keep her in the box.”

6. “My cat knocked over my cereal box because she’s on a diet and I’m not.”

7. “I’m all done with the plant.”

8. “While on vacation, my sister asked for an updated picture of her 2 cats. This is what she got.”

9. “My dog chases coyotes but won’t go pee in the rain unless I cover her with plastic bags.”

10. “Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella’s food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally grumble about it.”

11. “Reggie refuses to let her get downstairs — he runs the show here.”

12. “This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner.”

13. “He stole 2 pairs of my socks and won’t give them back and makes this face at me.”

“He does this every time I’m getting ready to leave for work.”

14. “The game is over, I demand pets.”

15. “Finn doesn’t want to share his cave, so he’s squeezing Tilly out like a tube of toothpaste.”

16. “This is what my dog does when he refuses to go to bed.”

17. “My main man, Sam, pretending he doesn’t notice his cone, is bonking my other main man, Ray.”

18. “Guess which is the weird one”

19. “Sometimes Noodle prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge.”

What does your pet do to show you it disagrees with something? What kind of personality does your pet have?

Preview photo credit DryMouthKitty / Imgur


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