18 Animals That Don’t Need Speaking Skills to Express Their Feelings

3 years ago

We all just wish that our pets could communicate with us. It would be so much if they could tell us what they felt or what they really thought of us. Or maybe they’d utter something nice to lift our mood on a bad day.

We at Bright Side believe that animals don’t need speaking skills to let us know about something important. Sometimes their facial expressions and their actions say more than words could.

1. “My dog after his first grooming session”

2. “The look my dog gives my grandpa”

3. “We adopted a friend for our parrot today and they already love each other.”

4. “A happy duckling taking a shower”

5. “What kind of CATerpillar is this?”

6. “I’m in danger of being nuzzled to death.”

7. “Brain freeze!”

8. “Quokkas are the face of happiness.”

9. When they found out they had to sit in a traffic jam for 3 hours:

10. “High five, doggo!”

11. “This pupper is ready for a bedtime story!”

12. Anything can be a comfortable bed if you try hard enough

13. The way they love each other is priceless.

14. You can feel Ponca’s love through the screen

15. “Arthur loves his portrait.”

16. “You can see it all in her eyes.”

17. The puppy seems to really enjoy the ride

18. The animal handlers at the Oregon Zoo took the elephant around to meet some other animals. The sea animals were his favorite.

Do you have pets who make you feel as if you perfectly understand them? Tell us about them in the comments!


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