18 Animals Who Can Make You Grin Like the Cheshire Cat

3 years ago

Animals can make us smile, even on the grumpiest of days. This is a well-known fact and the characters of our compilation prove it! Whether it’s due to their mischievous ways, acting talents or simply adorable faces, you will surely get a bunch of laughs looking at these fluffy mood-boosters.

We at Bright Side bet your mood will improve by 10 times after seeing the animals from our compilation. If it doesn’t, it’s probably best to read the article over again.

“My neighbor’s dog peeking through the fence to say hello”

When you hear the dog park is closed:

“My cat is deeply asleep with the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We’ve been searching for it for 10 minutes.”

“He looks like he just told his favorite joke and is very proud of himself.”

“My cat sneezed while I was taking her photo.”

And with the melting snow, the mystery of the missing socks was solved.

“I like pizza.”

“I took care of your bills.”

“He won’t stay out of my sink.”

“My cat has become one with the radiator.”

When you learn there’s no more pizza left for you:

Grandma’s cats

“My dog getting comfy”

“My kitten watching the big cats play”

“She loves to drag the lamp over to herself so she can stare directly into the light.”

“Isn’t it a wonderful day today?”

“My sleeping dog looks like Sid from Ice Age.”

“My fluffy ginger kitty is really enjoying this sunny spot on the floor.”

Have your pets made you smile today? Please show us their photos in the comments so that we can all smile too.

Preview photo credit Gnaxera / reddit


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Love them all but my fav are the cat that look like they're gossiping LOL


Omg! That smiley cat got my heart beating so fast ?


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