18 Celeb Photos That Prove Makeup Is Magic

5 years ago

Whether we see them in movies, TV shows, music videos, or fashion magazines, their faces are always covered with layers of makeup. Perfect pictures of celebrities make us think it takes something special to look just as stunning as they do, but their no-makeup pictures that become public once in a while reveal all the makeup magic.

Bright Side prepared for you these before and after pics proving that makeup is the secret ingredient that turns celebrities from pretty girls next door to stunning red carpet divas.

1. Tori Spelling

2. Anne Hathaway

3. Gwen Stefani

4. Heidi Klum

5. Mila Kunis

6. Cameron Diaz

7. Jessica Chastain

8. Drew Barrymore

9. Jennifer Lopez

10. Adele

11. Tyra Banks

12. Leighton Meester

13. Eva Longoria Bastón

14. Julia Roberts

15. Alicia Silverstone

16. Jennifer Love Hewitt

17. Lady Gaga

18. Shakira

Whose no-makeup picture surprised you the most? Do you think celebrities could win the hearts of millions if they wore no makeup at all?

Preview photo credit annehathaway / Instagram, EAST NEWS


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I like girls with make-up, and these celebrities look really good with it, as for me :)
Cameron Diaz just shines!


As a make-up addict, I love the whole compilation. Perfectly done looks, girls look just amazing!


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