18 Celebrities Who’ve Transformed So Terrifically Over the Years, They May Need to Change Their ID Photos

4 years ago

The skin completely recycles itself every 2 weeks according to researchers. Even so, some people barely change over the years, but others turn out looking so drastically different that they should consider changing out their pictures in their passports and driver’s licenses.

Here at Bright Side, we were baffled at how much some celebrities have changed over the years, so we couldn’t help but want to share these comparisons with you!

1. Justin Bieber

2. Britney Spears

3. Brendan Fraser

4. Nicolas Cage

5. Julia Roberts

6. Macaulay Culkin

7. Lindsay Lohan

8. Amanda Bynes

9. Linda Evangelista

10. Millie Bobby Brown

11. Jennifer Lawrence

12. Miley Cyrus

13. Paris Jackson

14. Kelly Osborne

15. Renée Zellweger

16. Rose McGowan

17. Melanie Griffith

18. Kirstie Alley

Do you know any other celebrities that changed drastically over the years? Do you have your own “before and after” photo collage? We’d be happy to see your pics and comments in the section below!


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omg.. 20-30yrs later they look different?.. no way. Some look better, some worse. It's called aging... so don't be mean.


I remember Brendan Fase in the Mommy and he looks nothing like before


Lindsay Lohan has change a lot. She's had a rough path after being so famous


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