18 Celebrity Kids We Didn’t Realize Were All Grown Up Today

2 years ago

It’s 2019 which means anyone who was born back in 2001 is turning 18 this year! We used to think of 21st-century kids as little children, but they’re swiftly heading into their 20s. Time flies and children are the clearest illustration of this since they’re the ones that appear to have changed most dramatically.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve decided to check on how kids of our favorite celebrities are doing and we’re left speechless. If you still picture Kurt Cobain’s daughter as a little baby, then sit down before you scroll because she’s the oldest out of the entire list we’ve prepared!

1. Meadow Walker (20), daughter of Paul Walker

2. Paris Jackson (21), daughter of Michael Jackson

3. Frances Bean Cobain (27), daughter of Kurt Cobain

4. Kaia Gerber (17), daughter of Cindy Crawford

5. Brandon Thomas Lee (23), son of Pamela Anderson

6. Coco Arquette (15), daughter of Courteney Cox

7. Bindi Irwin (21), daughter of Steve Irwin

8. Lily Beckinsale (20), daughter of Kate Beckinsale

9. Sofia Richie (21), daughter of Lionel Richie

10. Maude (21) and Iris (16) Apatow, daughters of Leslie Mann

11. Sophia (22), Sistine (21), and Scarlet (17) Stallone, daughters of Sylvester Stallone

12. Liv Freundlich (17), daughter of Julianne Moore

13. Ella Travolta (19), daughter of John Travolta

14. Sailor Lee Brinkley (21), daughter of Christie Lee Brinkley

15. Jaden Smith (21), son of Will Smith

16. John Owen Lowe (24), son of Rob Lowe

17. Ireland Baldwin (23), daughter of Alec Baldwin

18. Delilah Belle Hamlin (21), daughter of Lisa Rinna

Which of these kids were you most surprised to see? Share your thoughts with us in comments.


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