18 Cool Things That Were Literally Found in a Dumpster

2 years ago

In developed countries, people throw away unfinished meals, clothes, functioning devices, and others things. According to the UN, each year, people throw away more than 930 million tons of food and 92 million tons of textile waste. In Europe and the US, people don’t want to put up with this, and they do something called dumpster diving. People literally dive into dumpsters to try to find things that can still be used.

We at Bright Side think that this movement is very good for our planet. Check out the cool things people found in dumpsters and use now.

1. “Guitar player in my band found this while diving! Possibly vintage Gucci bracelet!”

2. “I found this functioning mixer.”

3. “Had a nice jewelry haul. Pretty much all of it is silver!”

4. “I like this find a lot. 55-gallon tank (empty at the time) with a stand. Found it this spring. It needed some work and was a nice project. It now lives in my home office.”

5. “Found this fully working printer that was worth $300-400.”

6. “One big bag of goodies I found tonight! I was in a rush when I stopped to check the local pharmacy, so I felt the bag (heavy), saw the Cheetos on top, and just tossed it in the car to go through later.”

7. “Found a vacuum cleaner lying face down in the rain by the apartment dumpster. Cleaned it up and it works like new!”

8. “Like, who throws away working lightbulbs? 15 bulbs in a tote, plus I scored 3 bags of clothing in perfect condition that will probably fit my son.”

9. “Found almost $1000 worth of dog food!”

10. “I wonder who threw it away? It had a price tag of $1,099.”

11. “Found today, tag still on... Just a week after I discovered an unfixable rip in my boots!”

12. “$300 headphones still in shrinkwrap. Who does this?”

13. “I found 8 portable hard drives, they all work, and all are at least 1TB with many being 2TBs.”

“They were all full of data, one even had a scan of driver’s license, passport, checks, banking info. Cleared all the data, kept one for me, listed the rest on eBay.”

14. “I pulled up at the elementary school I was photographing and saw this giant GORGEOUS mirror near the school dumpster.”

15. “My girlfriend said she needed a fan for work and the dumpster gods heard!”

16. “Found about 15 of these pens tonight, all in the same dumpster. Check the prices!!! Each one was between $40-$60.”

17. “Almost $200 worth of cheese and sausage!”

18. “I’ve always wanted a signed book by this author. Never thought I’d find it in a dumpster.”

What do you think about dumpster diving? Have you ever done it?

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I was so close to disliking this post because I HATE WASTAGE!! but I'm being educated here to know such people exist. Forgive me to point out that while some people don't have, some have the conscience to throw away. It's disheartening because you could say I come from a Third World country. This social disparity is too far apart. I can't see this and not cringe. It just shows to that being educated doesn't mean being sensible, because clearly all these acts are not sensible.


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