18 Incredible Inventions That Will Change Our Lives

9 months ago

Here’s a list of new inventions that are so brilliant you immediately want to shake their creators’ hands in gratitude.

Very comfortable park benches

Thanks so much!

The ’I could eat a horse’ spaghetti server

So you never make too much or too little ever again.

Air con for your bed

We all know the trick of sticking one foot out from under the duvet to keep cool. Now you don’t need to do that ever again!

Slippers designed for playing with your kids

Simply ingenious!

Clips for the grill

Perfect for grilling vegetables, bacon, and much more!

The super suitcase

This suitcase easily becomes a set of drawers with a hanger rail attached.

A pocket lamp that looks like a credit card

This one even fits in your wallet. Guaranteed to help when you can’t find something in your bag.

Three in one: a coffee machine, toaster, and frying pan

The perfect machine for making breakfast.

Magnetic switches

Great for making sure you have everything you need before leaving your apartment.

The mug that stirs itself

It can stir anything you put in it. A fantastic idea!

A laser-projected keyboard

This incredible invention is ideal for when you have to write long messages and your tiny smartphone keyboard is just too uncomfortable to do so.

A solar-powered tent

You can charge your phone and other devices in it, and it provides lighting at night. You can even heat the floor!

An innovative bag for washing

You can’t take your washing machine with you wherever you go, but this incredible wash bag is the next best thing.

Observe the weather inside your home

This almost unbelievable invention recreates the weather system outside your window. Fascinating!

Convenient cup holders

Simple but brilliant, these will be useful both at home and at work.

A pen that can determine different colors

Why has no one ever thought of this before?

A hidden TV

The perfect camouflage.

The smart pencil

If only we’d had these at school.

Preview photo credit outblush.com


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