18 Masculine Men Who Are Real Softies With Pets

3 years ago

Animals make our lives brighter and teach us a lot. However, there are people who don’t want to have them no matter what. But the heroes of our today’s selection have proven: even a brutal man’s heart will melt at the sight of a cute little animal.

At Bright Side, we hope that you have furry friends at home too. Meanwhile, have a look at some men who didn’t want to have pets at all, but who eventually fell victim to their cuteness.

“I don’t want cats, they leave their fur everywhere.” Now he can’t go to work without getting cute cat pictures.

“And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII willll alwayyyys loooveee youuuuuuuuuuuu!”

“She’s definitely, 100% not at all his dog.”

“You better find that puppy another home because he isn’t staying here.” 6 years later, here he is. Dad and Hades.

“He said he didn’t want me to foster because he didn’t want me to get attached. Guess who is ooey gooey over them and wants to keep all 3 now?”

1 year ago: “I’m not a dog person.” A few months ago: “Don’t get a dog.” 2 months ago he gave in: “OK, fine, let’s get a puppy.” Today: “She is my daughter and if I eat, she eats.”"

“Absolutely doesn’t like or trust cats.”

“My dad didn’t want a dog. 15 years later they’re best friends (he works from home) and they do everything together.”

From “We can’t have a cat because of my allergies” to “I don’t want to move him.”

My dad was pacing all day saying, “Where’s my package?!” This was the package he was waiting for.

“Fine, if you have to get a puppy, get one. But don’t expect me to do anything for it. It’s your dog. I want nothing to do with it.” (Wilma loves him best).

“We don’t need a kitten.” Meet the second kitten who we got to keep the first one company.

“My dad who now brags that all of our rescue animals love him most”

“I wouldn’t have picked her.”

“This is how I find my husband after not seeing him for almost 2 weeks. Forget greeting the wife and children. He missed his ’baby’!”

“I will NOT be raising that dog!”

“Almost a year ago my dad was livid that I got a dog. Now he requests regular sleepovers and I get pictures of them cuddling on the floor together.”

“My dad who ’hated all dogs’ a month ago changed his WhatsApp photo for a puppy photo today. The man is completely in love.”

Do you or your friends have pets that you didn’t want to get at first? Show their photos in the comments below.

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reminds me of my granddad and his puppy haha
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