18 Misleading Pics That Are Harder to Get Than a Math Equation

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We see thousands of things a day, but they’re easy to forget if they’re not special. But it also happens that you witness something so confusing and unimaginable that it makes your whole brain reboot. You can’t help but pause for a sec, wondering, “Is this really happening?”. Ultimately, it turns out that it was just an illusion, and the universe was playing a joke on everyone, but thankfully, some people managed to capture those moments in a crazy pic.

1. “That’s not her arm.”

2. Headless men can be seen roaming around some places.

3. “Tiny muscle man riding a cat.”

4. “This hurts my head.”

5. “Are we going upwards or downwards?”

6. “How many fingers are on the lady’s right hand?”

7. “I was startled at first because I didn’t think it was possible.”

8. Looking at this image can make you dizzy.

9. “This dog that looks buried up to the waist.”

10. Is this a ancient book?

11. “The sides of the buildings were the exact same color as the sky.”

12. “Floating cliffs? Snowy hills? Two pictures stitched together? A beach on the island of Socotra.”

13. “Cat with a leg growing out of its belly.”

14. “The way this stick is positioned makes it look like the elephant stabbed them.”

15. “My dad met his female doppelganger.”

16. “A woman stuck to a man.”

17. “Long boi”

18. “Headless sleeper”

What confusing situation have you experienced?

Preview photo credit Mrpink415 / Reddit


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