18 People Share Moments That Will Make You Feel Annoyed and Deceived

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While being angry and annoyed are negative feelings, many people like experiencing these states of mind. That is because they usually feel wronged and like the victim in a certain situation, and anger gives them some consolation. Maybe that’s why people like sharing their bad luck and misfortunes online as a way to receive others’ sympathy.

Bright Side hates seeing people getting deceived and feeling bothered, but these types of situations are a part of life, and we need to learn how to cope with them.

1. “The $9 PB&J I bought.”

2. “I got AirPods with my new iPhone 8??? Oh wait.”

3. “Freshly opened can of jam has a big patch of mold. It even made the popping sound when the seal broke.”

4. “Barefoot on an armrest. Also constantly loud talking and laughing in the quiet zone.”

5. “My wife’s new sweater had a hanging string.”

6. “Tire center kept our keyed lug nut socket.”

7. You won’t believe it’s a candle.

8. A cookie cone, minus the cone.

9. “Entire loaf has a bubble hole running lengthwise.”

10. “Got my car towed and it fell off the truck.”

11. “I just want to sit and cry. Well, I’m already doing that.”

12. “I was halfway through making a sandwich.”

13. “Here’s my dinner for work at 2 a.m. (night shift). I was hungry, but I guess the floor was hungrier. 5-second rule?”

14. “Parked on the side of the street for less than 2 minutes, and an intoxicated driver took my mirror out at 7:35 a.m.”

15. “Your food has arrived. Good luck.”

16. “Friend offers to make nachos and this is what you get. How do you respond?”

17. “All of my bananas unpeeled themselves as I slept last night.”

18. A tragic photo of a tragic moment.

Have you ever bought something only to find out that its advertising was all a lie? Or have you ever been annoyed to the point where you wanted to crawl under your bed and cry?

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