18 People Who Are Having a Hard Time Catching Some Good Luck

3 years ago

Life is all about balancing between good and bad luck, and the people in this compilation will instantly agree with this. This is because although their day started out in an unexpected way, they were still able to laugh at themselves, grab a camera, and share their failures with us. Just take a look at the burned pizza, the keys stuck in the hood of a car, and the poorly measured door, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

We at Bright Side definitely wouldn’t want to walk in these people’s shoes but we’re happy that all those bad situations are fixable and that all bad luck is followed by some good vibes.

“Really wanted pizza...and fell asleep.”

“Picked a watermelon by myself for the first time.”

“Got up this morning and went to take a shower...”

“This morning someone stole the hood of my car. Nothing else. Just the hood.”

“I expected at least some Oreo...”

This attempt at a rainbow crepe cake

Salmon with a broccoli purée

“So I tried to bake a cake today...”

“My college labs have been canceled until further notice... and I was not included in the mass text. No wonder there’s no one here.”

“Was driving my wife’s new car (which is still on its first tank of gas) when this happened.”

“My girlfriend spent 2 years on this, only to discover one piece was missing.”

“Turning our new 70” TV on for the first time after spending hours mounting it to the wall"

“Finally got the puzzle I’ve been waiting months for.”


“Found the perfume I bought my wife for Christmas on the toilet as ’air freshener.’”

“My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night.”

“My wife said, ’Measure the door!” I told her all doors were the same size..."

“See that tiny sliver of metal in the gap? Those are the car keys that I locked in the groove of my trunk.”

How did your morning start? What good or not-so-good things have happened to you?

Preview photo credit snailfrymccloud17 / reddit


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I can feel the frustration coming from that missing puzzle piece photo ?


I actually feel bad for that man who bought her woman such a nice perfume and she just put it in her toilet.. and as far as I know, it's a rather expensive one


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