18 People Who Came, Saw, and Took an Animal Home From a Shelter

3 years ago

About 6.5 million animals go into shelters each year. It can happen for various reasons, whether it’s because of problems with health and behavior or even size. But luckily, there are people who aren’t afraid of “troubles” like these. They willingly take these animals home and shower them with love.

We at Bright Side would like to introduce you to some kindhearted individuals and their adopted best friends.

1. “Went to the shelter to look at dogs but they didn’t have any there. Now I have a new forever friend.”

2. “I swear, she hasn’t stopped smiling since we picked her up from the shelter 3 days ago.”

3. “This was the moment I met my dog at the shelter — I named him Dog.”

4. “I adopted this 25-pound cat. He’s awesome and loves me very much if you can’t tell.”

5. “We try to tell Cooper Knox we’ll ’be back soon,’ but then we just end up taking him with us.”

6. “Picking up Sophie from the animal shelter — showing her mom where to sign!”

7. “Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick!”

8. “My rescue dog feels safe up on my shoulders.”

9. “This is my 14-year-old adopted cat, Vonnie. He had been in a cage for months and now he’s my best friend.”

10. “He’s ours! After bouncing from shelter to shelter and rescue to rescue...he finally found his forever home.”

11. “I rescued a cat in 2020 that had been at the shelter for 11 years. They were worried she would be antisocial and not able to adapt to a home after spending such a long time in a cage.”

12. “Coming home from the dog shelter with this girl!”

13. “After months on the shelter waitlist, today I got to bring home little Theodora!”

14. “In under a month, she went from being scared of everyone to sleeping with a smile on her face while cuddling.”

15. “This is why I love adopting. The bond is undeniable.”

16. “Rescuing is an amazing feeling and just knowing you’re giving a dog a second chance at a happy life is amazing.”

17. “Adopted my handsome cat 14 years ago, to the day, on my eighteenth birthday.”

18. “Still getting used to us but can already feel the happiness he has from being loved!”

Have you ever been to an animal shelter? Do you think it’s better to buy or adopt pets?

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I think it's best to adopt. So many people think that rescues will have issues and problems, but if you take the chance, if you roll the dice, you could get very lucky.


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