18 People Who Conquered Chaos and Made Their Homes Squeaky Clean

5 months ago

You can surely organize your home with the help of professionals. But sometimes it’s so much more fun to do it yourself. The main thing is to conquer your inner hoarder and get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Read till the end to find out how to spot this stuff quickly.

“I have a dedicated set of hooks in my closet for ‘worn, but not dirty’ clothes. Keeps the mess off the floor/bed/dresser and works great for me!”

“I repurposed a wire rack for lid storage. This is fantastic.”

“Back at my dad’s house for the summer, we spent 6 hours decluttering and organizing the garage entry and closet! We got rid of about 80% of the stuff!”

“40 meals ready for when my first born comes in January.”

“I found a solution to store my small jewelry collection to keep them dust-free and portable in a case.”

“My husband sells stuff online so I turned our junk closet into his shipping station. Surprising him with this when he comes home.”

“I finally conquered the bathroom closet of doom.”

“How I organize cables and chargers:”

“It is a regular shoe organizer. I also use one for camera lenses.”

“My mum friends really liked the way I had organized my toddlers’ shoes.”

“ALL of our documents, important and otherwise, in one box. This is what is leftover after consolidating every single piece of paper in our house.”

“It’s not much, but I kinda love it.”

“No more lost socks! Sort and bag your socks to make laundry easier and keep your socks safe from the dryer monster.”

“After having everything organized”

“I finally organized all of the baby clothes with cute labels! I suggest making the labels extra big so if you send your spouse to get something, they can see easily!”

“I only have one kitchen drawer so putting most of my tools up on these pegboards has been a lifesaver.”

“Do other grown men have underwear drawers as colorful as this?”

“I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks. Some I don’t wear as often. So, I 3D printed a lipstick holder for my favorite ones.”

“I got tired of family members using a cup then abandoning it. So this lifehack became a lifesaver.”

“I just got a bunch of colored rubber bands and hung them on a command hook on the inside of the cabinet. So when one of us grabs a cup, we also grab our color and stretch it around the bottom of the cup.”

Bonus: a lifehack for getting rid of unnecessary stuff

“On January 1, take a minute to turn all your hangers backwards. When you wear anything, turn it back. In 6 months, you’ll see everything you don’t wear. Unless you have a reason to save it, donate it.”

And here are a few cool lifehacks for quick and effective cleaning.

Preview photo credit Gtapex / Reddit


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