18 People Who Took Everyday Items and Turned Them Into Multipurpose Gadgets

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Places like safes, toilet tanks, freezers, and the space under your mattress are well-known hiding places for everyone. In fact, they might be the first places a thief or burglar might search in an effort to find any valuables. That’s why many people have to think outside the box and invent new hiding spots for their stuff. Some of these places are big projects, while others are very simple additions anyone can create with a little help.

1. There’s no need for extra blankets.

2. “The new house my parents bought has a secret room hidden under the stairs.”

3. “Room with a view”

4. “Shoe storage under my stairs”

5. Someone might snatch your bag, but not your shoes.

6. Who’s gonna steal a used paint bucket?

7. “A secret door built for a client”

8. How to fit a drawer in the wall

9. A fun secret passageway

10. “Hideaway box from records — no one would ever guess.”

11. “As a kid, I always wanted to have a hidden room. As an adult, I made it happen.”

12. “A patio with a hidden table and benches”

13. “Whenever parents order furniture for their kids, I add secret compartments and hope the kids find them first.”

14. “Wardrobe inspiration from Narnia”

15. This looks like a Superhero’s hiding spot.

16. So simple yet so valuable

17. Camouflage on another level

18. “Secret Netflix room”

Do you have any hiding spots in your home? If so, did you create them in order to keep your valuables safe or because you just wanted some quiet time for yourself?

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These hidden rooms are so fantastic! There's some incredibly creative and talented people in this thread. I'd love to have a secret room.


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