18 People Who Took Us Back to Their Past by Recreating an Old Picture

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Almost all of us like to lie on the couch or in bed to view family photo albums. Memories and nostalgia can fill anyone with emotion as they make you travel back in time. Then, if you look at how much we’ve changed from that moment to the present, you might be tempted to recreate that special photo. And that’s exactly what happened to these 18 people.

1. “1953 vs. 2023. Age 17 vs. age 86. I cannot believe it.”

2. “Reading the newspaper with dad. My dad and I, my daughter and I.”

3. “My grandmother posing me on the end of the Rock Island Dam, TN, 1964 and then me in the same spot, 2022.”

4. “Today vs. 66 years ago. I am 84 now.”

5. “20 years ago vs. now.”

6. “Homecoming, 1998 and 2022.”

7. “Christmas, 25 years ago and now.”

8. “Armatron, 1982 and 2022.”

Recreating childhood photos with loved ones is an excellent pastime for many people.

9. “2000 to 2015. Three cousins.”

10. “The day my oldest son met his new baby brother!”

11. “My own little Back to the Future trilogy!”

12. “Phew! That was a long boat ride!”

13. “My sister got married over the weekend, so we recreated this gem from our childhood.”

One way to remember the funniest moments captured by a camera, together with our siblings, is by bringing that photograph from the past to life.

14. “1991-2019”

15. “Same beach, 25 years apart.”

16. “I found an old pic of me playing computer games. As it turns out, I haven’t changed very much.”

17. “My husband; at 32yo and 68yo.”

18. “I realized my hair was the same length and had to retake this photo. 2011 and 2023.”

Some other people took the time to recreate a photograph from long ago as best as possible. Even celebrities gave it a try. Many of them have had fun imitating iconic portraits making us travel back in time, and here are the results (1 and 2).

Preview photo credit thenjdk / Reddit


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