18 People Whose Usual Working Day Brought Them a Meeting With a 4-Legged Friend

9 months ago

Even a favorite job might turn into a routine, and colleagues and clients can start irritating you. But the people from this compilation were lucky — their ordinary working day brought them not only a soulful meeting with a charming fluffy friend but also warm memories.

Bright Side is sure that communicating with pets increases work productivity. That’s why we have collected photos about cats and dogs who brightened someone’s day and improved their mood.

“My friend found a kitten while delivering packages. Here’s a pic of his first day at the vet vs his recheck appointment.”

“Got a new coworker this week. She has a good future with the company, but she has to stop peeing on the boss first.”

“Yesterday I went for a job interview. The guy told me to ’wait here,’ a few minutes later, this guy arrives and put his head on my knee.”

“My dentist has a therapy dog that cuddles with you while you’re there.”

“Saved this guy at an intersection. Now I need someone to cover for me at work while I set it up at home in the meantime.”

“A nice woman brings therapy dogs to my university during exam week. This little guy brought a lot of people joy today.”

“It took us a month to catch this fierce one so we could program her chip to an automatic door in our greenhouse.”

“Now she can have a warm, safe place to eat and sleep.”

“Whenever I bring my dog to work he insists on sitting on my desk chair all day.”

“Say hello to Luna, the hardest working library cat around!”

“Our mechanic found this little guy hiding inside the engine of one of our ambulances this morning.”

“I’m sitting on my job site steps, and this girl appeared in my lap for snuggles. Day made.”

“I deliver fuel for a living. This little gal climbed under my trailer while I was dropping a load.”

“My wife came out, picked her up, and I’ve been told she was purring the whole time she was eating.”

“My parents are truck drivers and got this kitten to keep them company on the road.”

“I started a new job recently, and we have an office dog named Honey, and she is easily my favorite coworker.”

“We rent goats at my work to clear brush. I went to check on them only to find they brought their own security this time.”

“My mechanic has a shop dog that huffs loudly if I stop giving him scratches.”

“Boss said we could have office pupper Fridays.”

“I’m a mailman. I was delivering a package to one house, the cat came up to me.”

“The lady came outside and said she didn’t know whose cat it was. I picked her up 2 days later. I was laying in bed thinking about how cold she probably is. So I came back and took her home.”

Have you or your colleagues ever brought your pets to work? We are looking forward to seeing your pets’ photos!

Preview photo credit 3RdRocktothesun / Reddit


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