18 Pets Whose Faces Speak Louder Than Words

7 months ago

Our pets can occasionally rival humans in expressing emotions. If they experience any feelings, they won’t hesitate to show them openly. At times, they make such expressive faces that you’re compelled to quickly grab your camera to capture the moment and later share a laugh over their adorable antics.

“The face I got when he saw me throw away his bird.”

“My cat decided a minute too late that she indeed did not want to take a bath...”

“My dog made a new best friend this evening, and I think he’s in love.”

“When Ravioli saw his pups for the first time!”

“If it pleases you kind Sir may I ask for just one more treat?”

“I’m currently in the early stages of labour and I think they all know it...”

“This is the face my cat makes when he gets caught doing something bad.”

“Every day I eat lunch at home. This is the look of disgust my cat gives me if I finish and haven’t shared any.”

“My cat smelling our newborn we just brought home”

“I was taking a photo of my mop and my dog decided to make a very happy appearance.”

“I’m petting the other cat.”

“Look how Pixie smiles when being hugged.”

“She saw neighbor goats she really doesn’t like.”

“It’s been over a year, but I’m still jealous of how they look at each other.”

“Parents’ cat is shocked as I step out of the shower...”

Smiling fish

“She gets very furious when we don’t let her lick the carpet.”

“My cat likes to aggressively watch me pee.”

Living with pets is incredibly enjoyable, as they bring an abundance of positive emotions into our lives. Despite the occasional challenges posed by pets with a less-than-ideal temperament, our affection for them remains unwavering. We love them just the way they are.

Preview photo credit Braxasaurus / Reddit


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