18 Photos That Prove Large Animals Possess Magnetic Charisma

2 years ago

“I failed to notice the elephant.” This phrase is a perfect representation of a certain situation in the world of science. For more than 100 years, scientists believed that giant tortoises weighing several hundred pounds were extinct until they found one female in the Galapagos Islands. The animals from our compilation are not as huge as the “resurrected” tortoise, but their cuteness will be enough for the world.

Bright Side couldn’t pass by these pets, and we’re sure that each of them deserves a bit of your attention.

“Meet Norman! He’s a pretty big boy.”

“Everyone is blown away by how big LJ is, and he’s only 1 and a half-ish.”

“His name is Roo, and he is a chungus.”

“My overly large puppy is outgrowing his water tub but still insists on sitting in it.”

“My cat’s dad is so unbelievably majestic.”

“Dad says I’m a big, floofy, baby. I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

Time flies!

“2 months after adopting an older cat and I still can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t want this big bag of love.”

“He’s an excellent hugger, very soft and fluffy. A little drooly though...”

It seems the rug has greatly reduced in size within several years.

“I can’t believe how big he’s gotten at almost 6 months, he used to look like a little bear cub, and now he’s a beast.”

“After 2 years of trying, Norman finally sat still long enough for me to snag a pic! Love this furry giant so much.”

That’s not a cat....that’s a lion...

“Big boy turned little after hearing some fireworks.”

“Our rescue big fluff! It took him a while, but now he likes the other man in the house.”

“My girlfriend’s height is 5’5”. Here’s how my Maine Coon looks next to her."

“Big floofer helping me out after a long week”

“Our 6-month-old big baby bear, Gus, wishes everyone a happy Friday filled with lots of boops and big floofy hugs!”

Do you like bigger or smaller animals? We’re eager to see them in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Paradisity / Reddit


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