18 Photos That Show Love Is the Only Thing Time Can’t Change

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True love never leaves you. Neither time nor distance can separate the deep affection that unites us with that special someone. Some wrinkles may appear on our faces as the hands of the clock go round and round, but that doesn’t take away the pleasure of watching how love stands the test of time.

1. “I wouldn’t be her(e) without my lovely wife. Prom photos at 17 and nearly 20 years later going strong”

Lately, it has become a trend for people to recreate photographs from the past, and their walk down memory lane also brings us warm memories about our own childhood.

2. “Here’s my wife and I at junior prom 2004 and us 19 years later with two kids.”

3. “20 years later, we are still adventuring.”

4. “1987 and 2023... 31 years of marriage”

5. “1997 to 2023. Married 20+ years”

6. “Mid/late 1980s vs 2021”

7. “In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, my brother and his fiancée. Together since their 1983 high school prom — 40 years!”

photo might be all it takes to witness what real love is like. Sometimes you don’t need to listen to a long story about a romance; you can tell just by looking at it.

8. “My parents met in high school in the 1970s. They celebrated their 40th anniversary yesterday.”

9. “The wife and I (2007 to 2022)”

10. “My husband and I have been working hard to be happier and healthier over the past two years!”

11. “The three mouseketeers”

12. “I found out he still looks at me the same way as when we started dating five years ago. Dating vs wedding day”

13. “We were destined to get this Titanic set (1998 vs 2022)”

14. “My husband and I in 1990 and 2017”

15. “20 years between these pics of me and my BFF”

16. “My son and I when he was a week old (June 2007). He and I at his first wrestling meet (Nov 2022)”

17. “My younger brother and my stepdad, almost 24 years apart at the same zoo”

18. “Our dad with two generations on his back — 1980s & 2010s”

Bonus: Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey

Celebs have also gotten on board with this trend and have recreated their most memorable scenes.

Preview photo credit LeftCryptographer522 / Reddit


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