15 Photos That Make Us Believe True Love Really Exists

The popular idea that love lasts just 3 years is a myth with no scientific basis. This belief likely stems from the assumption that the intense, passionate feelings of the early stages of a relationship tend to fade over time, leading to a more stable but less thrilling state of love. However, this does not mean that love cannot endure for many years or even a lifetime. And the heroes featured in this article prove that.

1. “My grandparents 60 years ago after their wedding, and now — my sister recreated this photo for them.”

2. “My grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn’t do her own hair so my grandpa did it for her.”

3. “My parents on their wedding day 30 years ago vs my wedding day — not much has changed.”

4. “My parents just celebrated their anniversary. This is what love looks like 54 years later.”

5. “True love does still exists — this was my grandparents’ sixtieth anniversary.”

6. “Future marriage goals: my parents, 30 years in”

7. “Today is my grandparents’ sixty-sixth wedding anniversary! Also, their names are Albert and Alberta.”

8. "My grandparents just celebrated their sixtieth marriage anniversary.

9. “My parents have been married 40 years today!”

10. “My parents’ thirty-third wedding anniversary!”

11. “Relationship goals”

12. “When my brother is away and my parents try to get the football game for him on FaceTime”

13. “Taking pictures at my wife’s grandparent’s sixtieth-anniversary party — I told them to ’act like you’ve been married for 60 years.’”

14. “Saw this cute couple in San Francisco.”

15. “True love exists between these 2 nuts.”

Preview photo credit internetmallc* / Reddit


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