18 Photos That Show the Emotional Rollercoaster of Being a Parent

Some think there is no experience more blissful than becoming a parent. Your days are now filled with the laughter of the little ones, attending your children’s soccer games, and, of course, going on family vacations. However, if we’re being honest, many parents paint a completely different picture. While both mom and dad feel a lot of joy, it is not uncommon for them to be overwhelmed by negative feelings, especially when the children turn from sweet little angels into naughty little ones.

1. “She absolutely hates family photos...”

2. “The reaction of my boyfriend’s daughter to the pasta we made from scratch, which was longer than her.”

3. “My 2 y.o. using her binoculars to look at ants.”

4. “This one picture is a perfect representation of my boys!”

5. “The joys of motherhood”

6. “I think my daughter was a cat in a past life.”

7. “My glasses finally came in this morning. Paid $375 and decided not to get insurance. My daughter got ahold of them 2 hours after arriving.”

8. “This old picture of me is pretty self-explanatory.”

9. “Emotional support cheese. Came home from work, and Grandma said he’d been holding onto it since lunch, he won’t let go of it.”

10. “I commend my boy for always opening bags in the most unacceptable manner possible.”

11. “Playing hide and seek. Can’t find the kid ANYWHERE!”

12. “A novel way to disapprove your dad’s wedding”

13. It won’t be easy to untangle the hair from the robot.

14. “My wife showed me this photo she took of our daughters. ‘That’s cute, they’re copying each other,’ I said. Then she zoomed in.”

15. “Going down a slide”

16. “Anyone who has children will understand why he lies here.”

17. “My 5-month-old daughter just realized we own a cat.”

18. “The true face of victory”

What childhood pranks have you had to deal with? How did you behave as a child?

Preview photo credit divineblessings4me / Reddit


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