18 Photos We Wanted to See Every Little Detail On

3 years ago

Art is multifaceted. It’s a mix of genres, forms, and meanings. It’s attractive because we always want to see all the possible messages of the piece. Creative people don’t always plan to create something amazing, it often just happens on its own.

Bright Side has found proof that the line between paintings and photo art is really blurry. These pictures deserve to be in a museum or an exhibition.

“My friend fell asleep after our prom and I snapped this pic because I thought she looked absolutely angelic.”

“Casual Renaissance portrait of my dog on the couch”

“My grandma asking my sick sister if she wants some tea”

“Photo of my friend’s glorious beard turned out to look much more timeless than anyone expected.”

“A photograph I took of a mechanic taking a look at a broken-down car”

“I shot this in Kathmandu a couple of years ago.”

“The sad thing is that last time I was there I saw that this place had been completely destroyed by the 2015 earthquake, so it doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Me and my horse, on a midsummer’s eve”

“Photo of my duck, the whack exposure turned it into a Caravaggio painting.”

“Breakfast for one”

“My first encounter with a bear. It almost looks like a Renaissance portrait.”

“A photo of a reenactment actor at a museum that looks just like a painting”

“My (apparently startled) husband and I candidly shot at a wedding”

The coffee shop window

“My angelic friend picking flowers”

“Sunset from tonight in Denver”

“My fiancée staying hydrated at lunch”

“Me cuddling my dog during a thunderstorm”

“Neighbor’s cat looking through my bathroom window”

“It’s Picasso’s cat.”

Can you share some cool photos that you’ve taken? We’d love to see them in the comment section!

Preview photo credit tdotg21 / Reddit


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