18 Shots That Are So Perfect, You’d Swear They Were Photoshopped

3 years ago

Our world is full of beautiful, eye-catching views. But sometimes you can accidentally discover masterpieces, even at home. Many of them can be considered perfect because it seems that fate itself has directed the perfect shot.

At Bright Side, we’re fond of “occasional perfectionism,” and we hope these photos will resonate with you.

Even a weed can be perfect.

“My inner perfectionist is jubilant.”

“My cycads curl a bit.”

“Grace blends in perfectly with her new bed.”

“I roasted the perfect marshmallow.”

“The color of my kitten’s foot is split down the middle.”

The way this tree’s roots grew around these sidewalk squares is simply perfect.

It seems that this Welsh corgi controls the smaller but no less charming one.

“The nickels fit in perfectly at the register at my work and automatically stack themselves just from being shaken naturally.”

“My watermelon I opened up this morning is a masterpiece.”

“I used to live in a small basement without kitchen storage, so I got creative. I always found it satisfying to look at.”

“My local grocery store arranges the vegetables like this and I really appreciate it.”

“I just made what I believe to be the most perfect pancake I’ve ever made in my life.”

“I opened my washer to find that my towel had made a perfect circle on top of my clothes.”

“My girlfriend caught the perfect moment on my phone before she jumped toward us.”

“We found an anthill at work that formed a perfect 9.”

“After coming back to my sink in the morning, I found that there was a perfect outline of my spoon made of crumbs floating on the top.”

“The way the Oreo landed in my cup made it look like a black hole.”

What were some of your recent discoveries? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Unknown Author / Imgur


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