7 Hidden Secrets From the Past That Actually Make Sense

11 months ago

Many of us can agree that history was one of the most interesting subjects in school. We always loved to hear and learn about ancient cultures, long-forgotten places, and old civilizations because, in some way, it opened up our imaginations and made us start wondering. If we look into the history of humanity, we can find a bunch of things that seem unexplainable. However, many of the secrets of the past have been solved over the years by researchers, and their explanations are surprisingly logical.

1.The hidden signatures on Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece

There are many enigmas about the famous Mona Lisa painting. Even though it’s difficult to guess the painting’s age, Da Vinci left some hidden codes in his masterpiece. Mona Lisa’s right eye contains an “LV” signature, which most like stands for Leonardo Da Vinci’s name.

There are also other hidden symbols, like the number “72” under the arched bridge in the backdrop of the painting, which, according to Silvano Vinceti, can open up new leads to identifying the model, the date the painting was created, and much more.

2. The right part of Michelangelo’s painting, The Creation Of Adam, is an anatomically correct depiction of a brain.

Without a doubt, The Creation of Adam is one of the most iconic pieces created by the great Michelangelo. Many of us might not know this, but Michelangelo was mainly a sculptor who was hesitant at first about painting, but after his great work on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, he decided to go on.

In the year 1990, Frank Lynn Meshberger noticed that the right side of the painting might also display an anatomical depiction of the human brain. Michelangelo, being an iconic sculptor, knew anatomy very well, and he decided to hide signs of his intellectuality in his paintings. By overlapping a human brain over the painting, we can clearly see many parts of the human brain detailed.

3.The hidden ancient cities of the Amazon forest

Once, millions of people populated the entire Amazon basin. Ancient civilizations thrived among the forests of Amazonia. Many Spanish adventurers were drawn into the wilderness in the past in the hope of finding the promised city of El Dorado, a city of pure gold. We’ve also seen other explorers give in to stories of legendary cities, like the Lost City of Z.

However, these are not just legends, as a recent group of scientists proved them to be true. With the help of lidar imaging, they were able to see through the thick rainforest of the Amazon and found the remains of urban centers. Unfortunately, since then, this great civilization has been destroyed.

4. The Bermuda Triangle explained

Throughout the decades, the mysterious Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of the most interesting conversations. Some claimed that unexplained disappearances and disasters were caused by the mysterious forces of this area. However, the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle can be easily explained by environmental factors.

Every paranormal thing that happened in the sea or air was caused by the extremely powerful hurricanes that pass through the Bermuda Triangle. Many experiences recall that the ocean has always been a mysterious place for humans, and when bad weather and poor navigation come together, it can be very dangerous.

5. The sailing stones of Death Valley

For many years, people in the area were confused about the weird things that were going on in a dry lakebed in Death Valley, also known as Racetrack Playa. Stones up to 700 pounds (or 318 kilograms) unexpectedly appear to move around on their own every 10 years or so, leaving extensive trails in the dry desert surface behind them.

Numerous theories have been tested over the years, but none of them have been proven particularly accurate. However, in 2011, researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California-San Diego decided to solve this mystery. It took 2 years, but they finally solved it.
It turns out that in wintertime, the playa fills up with a very thin layer of water from rainfall and freezes overnight. Then light winds carry the stones by sliding at a speed of a few inches per second.

6. The Easter Island head statues have hidden bodies.

Everyone has likely seen pictures of the unique statues of the Easter Islands. But there’s a fact that’s not so well-known. These giant head statues have hidden bodies buried underneath them. These monoliths are carved from stones found on the island.

The statues, like so many other things on Earth, were affected by the passage of time, and their torsos got hidden by rocks and sediment, which actually helped in preserving them.

7. The hidden figure in Pablo Picasso’s famous painting, The Old Guitarist

Many say that The Old Guitarist is a very haunting piece of art, which was created during Pablo Picasso’s blue period. It’s a depiction of an old, blind guitarist, which was inspired by the societal outcasts the artist saw when in Spain.

If we look closely, we can see a very faint ghost-like figure of a woman right above the guitarist’s neck, which is only one of 3 figures that are hidden under the layers of paint. It’s unknown if he abandoned these early sketches, but back then, it was common for painters to reuse the same canvases because they were so poor that they couldn’t afford new ones. However, it’s mildly interesting that there is another painting hidden underneath the one we see.

Which one of these facts from above was the most surprising? Did you know the explanations behind these secrets?


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