18 Simple Gestures That Scream, “I Love You!”

3 years ago

Love, as well as the many ways to express it, can be as diverse and different as each and every one of the people who inhabit this world. At times, what could mean the ultimate and most beautiful display of affection for some is nothing more than something conventional for others. However, what remains true is that each and every one of us, in our own way and according to our personality, shows our deepest and most beautiful feelings to the people we love.

Reddit users shared a gesture or detail that made them fully aware of the love that their partners had for them, and Bright Side wants to share some of the most tender and endearing ones we found.

  • When my significant other and I are jogging, he’ll put his arms on my waist or shoulder and guide me out of a bikers’ ways. He does this because whenever someone coming up behind me calls out, “Coming up on your left!” My brain freaks out and I automatically move to the left. So instead, he’ll just guide me out of the way. It’s so subtle and sweet. — theWildBore / Reddit

  • My husband brings me a cup of coffee every morning when I wake up. Also, we used to live in a very drafty old house that was always cold. I worked nights and would come home and have to get into a cold bed. My husband started sleeping on my side and when I would get home, he would move over to his cold side and let me climb into my nice warm side. He’s a keeper. 29 years and counting... — oh_Micki / Reddit

  • When my ex was in the shower during the winter months, I’d throw a towel in the dryer. Then when she finished, I’d bring it in so as soon she stepped out into the cold air, I could wrap her in the warm towel. After a few minutes, the towel would inevitably cool off and she’d say, “That felt so nice. I wish the towel stayed warm!” and little did she know...I had a second warm towel waiting in the dryer. I did all sorts of these little things, and seeing her eyes light up when I did them made it all worth it. — thenycnegotiator / Reddit

  • “It’s not silly, tell me more.” As someone who grew up always being told my hyper-focus in books/games/movies was “silly” and that “no one cares,” it is nothing but pure love to have someone tell me that they genuinely want to know more. — TheCrimsonValley / Reddit

  • Not being hurtful/mean/disrespectful, even during a fight...to me it means that yes, we are having a disagreement right now but I still love you, respect you as an individual, and treat you as my partner, not a punching bag. — I-got-wings / Reddit

  • Actually listening to me when I have concerns over how YOU act/treat me, listening with compassion and sincere willingness to consider my side and set your ego aside. If my ex would have been able to do this the last time we spoke, I wouldn’t have left him. — la_se***cisto / Reddit

  • My girlfriend makes coffee every morning. She doesn’t have to be up until 3 hours after me. This simple act was something she just sorted of starting doing one morning. Some mornings she will go right back to bed as soon as the pot is started, and other mornings she’ll stay up with me and we will have our coffee together. But no matter what, there’s always coffee in the morning. It puts a smile on my face every morning. — wehosh / Reddit

  • One of my best memories of my entire relationship was standing in a gallery exhibition looking at one of the photographs, totally lost in it, taking it all in, and my boyfriend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and cuddled me tight and put his chin on my shoulder and I swear it was one of the best moments of my life. — distant-girl / Reddit

  • “Text me when you get home,” and holding them, even if they aren’t sad. My ex used to just lay in my lap and I held him and played with his hair. — somechicwholikesblue / Reddit

  • My boyfriend has to be up early for physical therapy every morning and he usually has to turn the lights on to rummage around for his shorts and shoes and such. But, of course, the light wakes me up. Recently, I noticed he’ll walk over and gently pull the covers up over my face before flicking the lights on so it’s not as harsh and doesn’t wake me up... You know, typing that out sounds a tad creepy but I promise it’s sweet... — miafrancesca / Reddit

  • Paying attention to the tiny things: my favorite snacks, the best distractions, and the things they love. Then using that knowledge to make them feel better when they’re having an off day. My boyfriend used to work at a thrift store and we both love odd things. He used to take pictures of the ones that made him laugh and the fact that he wanted to share those with me felt so nice. — Rubywulf2 / Reddit

  • My boyfriend is literally in love with his computer, he spent hours and lots of money working on it as he needs it for his job. Normally, he wouldn’t let anyone touch it. When my laptop broke down and I was working from home, he immediately said, “Until you get a new one, just use my PC.” — red_cricket7 / Reddit

  • Tell them how you really feel about them. Not, like, outright by saying, “I love you,” but by saying something like, “I really appreciate when you...” or “I really respect you for the way you...” I just feel like we (most people) take each other for granted, but sometimes it’s nice to know that your efforts aren’t going unnoticed. — tacosauce93 / Reddit

  • When my husband and I have our own place (we move around a lot, so sometimes this isn’t possible because we’re with family, sometimes without a bathtub) we’ve gotten into the habit of screaming from the bathtub like deranged camels because we simply want the other person to sit in the bathroom and keep us company. Our love works for us by allowing one, or both of us, to act like little kids demanding love. It makes me happy :) - Ididntexpecttobehere / Reddit

What kinds of gestures do you use to show your partner that you love them? What are some little things or situations that made you realize just how much your partner loved you?

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