14 Things That Are More Annoying Than Spoilers and Alarm Clocks

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We all know the feeling when something is incredibly annoying. We all have different triggers: some people are annoyed by voice messages, stickers on products, loose hair in the shower and shopping carts left in the middle of nowhere.

We at Bright Side always try to stay calm and remember the fact that there are other people who agree with us when we’re really annoyed by things. Be careful when reading this article!

“Pawn shops who put price stickers right on the lenses of cameras — there’s no way that’s coming off clean!”

The most irritating thing about makeup

“My wife leaves hair stuck to the shower wall.”

Middle seat on a plane

When a waiter makes a mistake with a 4-letter name:

Where’s the vanilla?

Erasers like these:

People whose desktops look like this:

“I don’t know this man.”

People who do this:

Diagonal parking from Mr. I Don’t Care

“This is why I have to keep resetting my password.”

People that keep their keyboard this way:

“Their flight left 2 hours ago.”

What things annoy you? Don’t be shy, leave them in the comments below!

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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When they answer "read direct" to the prive question I always think they change the price for every customer! Because I just can't explain the reason to keep it in secret
The guy who puts stickers on the camera lenses has no heart!

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