18 Things That Were Made to Make You Question Their Purpose

year ago

Unpredictable things can smack you with a wave of unexplained issues. You may head to the bathroom only to find a totally transparent toilet bowl that will make you question if it’s worth using. And that’s just one of the many odd items we found.

1. “Imagine how satisfying it would be to unclog this thing.”

2. “High fashion camel toe shoes”

3. “I make horrible things. Here’s a paintbrush you can lick people with.”

4. “I can’t hear you.”

5. “Family Truckster?”

6. “Finally, I found out how to use the Wi-Fi console.”

7. “Ascending to the throne”

8. “The perfect shape for a baby”

9. What’s this device for?

10. “What a waist.”

11. “I knew the length but thought it might fit.”

12. Jobe is done.

13. “A gem I found a couple of years ago”

14. “Cooling system”

15. “You can now pee with the whole family!”

16. “Eye glashes”

17. “So much for protection.”

18. Well, if it works...

Which picture confused you the most? How often do you notice weird things?


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