18 Times Animals Proved They Can Also Be Wild and Crazy

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Animals are so different, but in some ways they are just like us. The only thing is that they show their wants and emotions in a more innocent way. They stay naive and childish all their life and only ask us to love them more.

1. “He just wanted to be alone.”

2. “My friend helped rescue a raccoon that was stuck in a drain.”

3. One stick is not enough.

4. “Just wanted a nice family photo.”

5. “Don’t stop me now.”

6. Perfect hiding spot

7. “This is my seat now.”

8. “And then he realized he is not a cat.”

9. “Cat is clearly impressed with his handiwork.”

10. “I’m all done with the plant.”

11. “Capybara: You’ve got to be kidding me.”

12. “The litter tray is the black box behind the bag of kitty litter.”

13. “Leave me alone, human! I told you I hate baths.”

14. Pie? Not today.

15. “The windowlicker”

16. “Is someone missing their breakfast? I think I found it.”

17. “Squirrels can be real jerks.”

18. “Crumb Bum sometimes walks on his injured paw, but mostly he uses it to boop Jabroni.”

How many pets do you have? How do they make your life better?

Preview photo credit rimzbel / Reddit


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