18 Times Kids Proved You Can’t Leave Them Alone Even for 5 Minutes

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10 months ago

Parents know that kids have too much energy to make their lives boring. Your child might get upset because their gloves don’t fit on their feet, or they might take all the money from your wallet and cut it up like a salad. And as the saying goes, “If we don’t laugh, we cry.” So we might as well laugh about it.

1. “My friends son struggling to pick up a book.”

2. “The fastest thing in the world. Opening this hand will have you questioning your own strength. ”

3. He thought it was chocolate.

4. “My friend’s 4-year-old cousin just cut up this money and says, ’She’s cooking.’”

5. “Coworkers daughter tried picking the lock to his car and got the barrette stuck.”

6. “She realized that she’s destroyed the thing she loves and she’ll never see it whole again.”

7. “My son wanted to feel like he had an important role in helping me cook. Told him to keep an eye on the oven tray.”

8. “A little bath.”

9. “My son playing hide and seek at my parents’ house.”

10. “My toddler decided to ’help cooking’ today.”

11. “This is pure torture and they’re feeling it.”

12. “Temper tantrum because he can’t make gloves fit his feet.”

13. “I asked my youngest to clean his desk so he could at least work on it. I did not know what to expect but I think he wins.”

14. “Opened the fridge to find out my 3yo decided to help me putting the eggs away.”

15. “I was mowing the grass today and my wife texts me and says, ’I’m going to lay on the couch and maybe get a quick nap.’”

“I came into to see my kids treating her like a bean bag chair.”

16. “A 4-year-old unlocked the door to my office with a penny and let my 2-year-old in to create this $4,000 masterpiece.”

17. “My daughter trying to hide when she’s supposed to be in bed.”

18. “This is my X-ray after I ate a quarter after stealing it from my brother when I was 5.”

How many kids do you have? How did your kid surprise you today?

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Babas are freakishly strong. Its insane. You never even notice it until you have one. They're superbabies haha.

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