18 Unusual Solutions That Worked Like a Charm

2 years ago

Modern life seems to come wrapped in comfort. At times, we have the illusion that everything is within our reach. What, until recently, seemed like science fiction is now possible. However, even in the boom of new technology, sometimes the most basic things can be missing or simply fail. A doorbell that doesn’t work, a window without curtains, a broken refrigerator tie — everyday problems can act as an alarm clock for human ingenuity.

Bright Side found homemade inventions to solve everyday problems and, after putting together this compilation, came to a conclusion: necessity creates solutions, no doubt.

1. Perhaps whoever created the floats was unaware of the alternative uses that a practical mind could put them to.

2. “My family’s doorbell stopped working a week or so ago. We had to improvise.”

3. Door without a handle? The spout of a plastic bottle can be a great option.

4. “I couldn’t find any washers that would fit over the heads of screws, so, yep.”

5. “My mom and sisters’ attempt at providing air conditioning in the back for me — it did the trick!”

6. “Apparently, forceps make great antenna boosters.”

7. “How to deal with rain flooding in through the seams in the door”

8. A very effective method for resolving the lack of light

9. “A PVC pipe basketball ’hoop’ I made so that my son could practice”

10. “A temporary drying rack for my hotel room”

11. A practical, though not very elegant, alternative to cover the sun when there are no curtains

12. “In a private hospital to keep the TV at the right angle...”

13. Who said Band-Aids were only good for covering cuts and scrapes?

14. “No cup holders? No problem.”

15. “Master Lock 100”

16. What could be better than an old boat to cool off on a hot day?

17. A creative solution for when your fridge is broken

18. The right way to reuse an old boot

Do you consider yourself handy? What was the most original home repair you’ve seen lately?


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