19 Animals That Are Too Cute to Bear

3 years ago

Based on a study, humans love to pet things because stroking our fluffy friends sends a very high sense of pleasure and reward deep into our brains. That’s probably why so many people choose to own a pet and can’t resist touching every animal that looks cute to them.

Bright Side has collected 19 pictures of awfully cute animals that will make you rush to search for your favorite pet.

1. “Hey, don’t take my yarn away.”

2. Your fur is looking spectacular.

3. In need of nurturing and love

4. Serial heartbreaker

5. Who knew Doritos had such a huge reach?

6. How can you deny these big eyes of anything?

7. “Mom, could you take that to the recycling bin?”

8. Please, get a bucket and get ready for your heart to melt.

9. Moving to a farm would be filled with moments like this.

10. Here’s a pet that will say, “I love you” back.

11. Who is ready for a bath?

12. This little fella is going to break so many hearts.

13. “Could you bring me some milk, please?”

14. Look at those googly eyes!

15. Some pups are born cool.

16. “Here, let me take a selfie.”

17. These eyes can bend even the toughest person.

18. Goodbye to you too, little guy.

19. “Will you be my sleeping buddy?”

Each and every one of these animals could make even the toughest of hearts melt. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section if your heart has warmed up.


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