19 Cats That Fell Asleep When They Least Expected It

2 years ago

Cats definitely know how to relax and take a nap. It’s not surprising: they sleep 12-16 hours a day. And you can see them sleep in the most unexpected positions and places, which is what the cat owners from today’s compilation did.

We at Bright Side think that sleeping cats are extremely cute. We hope to make your day a little better with this compilation.

“I’ll take a nap right here.”

“My cat thinks it’s normal to sleep like this.”

“My cat passed out in the tank where I keep the plants that need to be potted safe from her. This has been a surprisingly effective method... until today.”

“My coworker is really distracting. I should complain to HR.”

“My cat sleeps in the weirdest places sometimes. He’s 12 years old.”

“Did it break? Had to make sure she was breathing.”

“Someone fell asleep in the clean laundry again.”

“She loves to lay flat on her back to sleep, and it’s hilarious! I’m glad she feels that safe and secure with us.”

“Oh, you wanted to use your skateboard? Would be a shame if someone sleeps on it.”

“My cat choosing to sleep on literal trash instead of the cat bed.”

“Will you sleep on your...? Ok, I give up.”


“The best spot to sleep”

“My cat thinks he’s a dragon sleeping on his hoard.”

“I thought buying a little bed was a good idea.”

“Cats are liquid, so this is the place for them.”

“Hey, turn on the heating, please.”

“The way my girlfriend’s cat sleeps”

“What is she doing here?”

Do your pets sleep in weird places? We’d be happy to see some photos!

Preview photo credit Sadiemae1750 / reddit


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