18 Crucial Events That Divided People’s Lives Into Before and After

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In our lives, there are bright events that stay in our memories forever. And it’s important that we appreciate these moments as they’re truly priceless.

Bright Side has collected 18 sincere pictures depicting the most important moments in people’s lives.

“On New Year’s Day my best friend received the kidney he’d been waiting to get for 18 years. Today he came home.”

This baby, who was born premature, seems so much better now.

“As of today, I’m 4 years clean. I have a career, a house, a dog, and a fiancé.”

“Just finished my last round of chemo, from diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer to remission in 4 and a half months.”

“From the first day of kindergarten to the first day at college. Thank you, Dad.”

“I met these ladies on a flight. We shared music and some hilarious stories. The best flight I’ve ever had.”

“Finally found the strength to go out after weeks of not being able to do anything.”

“My mom and her first sold sculpture”

“My kid asked if we could be in a book club. His vision was snuggling together while reading our own books and then sharing what was happening in our stories. Tonight was our first ’meeting’.”

“Yesterday I noticed a house on fire. The firefighters showed up about 5 minutes later. The next thing I knew I was in the action. The best day ever.”

“I was walking with my brother when we noticed this. Tried to exceed the limit!”

“My girlfriend surprised me with a red panda encounter at the zoo.”

“I just rode with the highest rated Uber driver in NYC! He speaks 4 languages, studies computer programming at night at community college, has driven over 10,000 people, and has a rating of 4.96.”

“First time in the snow! Every little bit counts when you’re a kid.”

“My 98-year-old grandfather used a computer for the first time today.”

“I bought a cactus 15 years ago, and today it bloomed for the first time ever.”

“My city in Mexico gets over 113°F in the summer. We got snow today for the first time in 20 years.”

“I saw a guy proposing to a girl in Chicago.”

Do you have special moments like these that you’ll keep in your memory forever?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Some of these stories got me into tears. Needed this. Anyone else?


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